Shared workspaces that are designed to feel like productive retreats. Places where a diversity of individuals and organizations can come together under the same roof. Opportunities to innovate and co-create Reconciliation.



Reconciliation Zone Incubator


Victoria BC

Open since

March 1, 2018



The Reconciliation Zone Incubator (ReZone) in the South Valley of Victoria BC is a shared workspace that is uniquely designed for, and dedicated to, incubating and cultivating a movement of innovations for climate action, bio-cultural diversity conservation, and sustainable community development. Work in the ReZone is driven by a philosophy of Reconciliation and guided by Indigenous law.




The Reconciliation Zone provides a space where diverse organizations with complimentary mandates can work side by side. ReZone creates opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and increased productivity through a mix of private workspaces, a professional boardroom, and inviting indoor and outdoor social areas. ReZone opened its doors on March 1, 2018.



Members of Reconciliation Zones share the following in common:



We work on projects that increase bio-cultural diversity, conservation, sustainable development, and/or Reconciliation.



We believe that our work will benefit from collaborating and sharing ideas with others who share common values and complimentary mandates.



We are committed to making the world a better place--our personal and professional philosophies align.



We create welcoming and progressive work environments that support parents with young children in continuing to contribute to their field of interest. Childcare can be arranged on site.




The Reconciliation Zone Incubator in Victoria BC is the first of its kind in Canada. Over the coming months and years, we will be launching Reconciliation Zones across the country, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and ideas, and building the relationships that are necessary for weaving Reconciliation into everyday work.